Oishii adds ultra-premium tomatoes to its VF lineup

Oishii adds ultra-premium tomatoes to its VF lineup
Oishii’s Rubī Tomato growing inside the company’s vertical farm. Image credit: Oishii

Vertical farming company Oishii has launched its latest product, the Rubī Tomato, in select Whole Foods stores in the US.

  • The company is growing the tomatoes, which are from a Japanese varietal known as a “fruit tomato,” at its indoor vertical farm outside of New York City.
  • This is Oishii’s third product to reach the consumer market and its first non-tomato produce.
  • Oishii is also expanding availability of its products across the Northeastern US for the first time.,

Why it matters

Like Oishii’s Omakase Berry, released in 2018, and the Koyo Berry added to the line up this year, the Rubī Tomato is a premium product; trays of 11 now retail at Whole Foods in Jersey City for $9.99 each.

“The Rubī is the sweetest tomato you will ever taste and builds on what we started with our delicious strawberries: we’re on a mission to redefine how we experience fresh fruit,” says Oishii co-founder Hiroki Koga.

According to the news release, the Rubī is a “jewel-like tomato has a bright red, shiny, delicate skin that encases its juicy center bursting with flavor.”

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