New Enza Zaden varieties bring high resistance to ToBRFV

New Enza Zaden varieties bring high resistance to ToBRFV

With over 1000 ha of High Resistance by Enza Zaden (HREZ) varieties successfully cultivated around the world, tomato growers are looking forward to a brighter future. Today, Enza Zaden offers 18 varieties with High Resistance to Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus (ToBRFV). The varieties are available in all significant tomato types, and do not compromise on taste, yield or quality. The trust and dedication of our valued grower, shipper and retailer partners has contributed greatly to the success and fast adoption rate of HREZ varieties in all major tomato production regions.

Until now the only controls against ToBRFV have been strict phytosanitary measures, such as more frequent crop rotations and extra cleaning, resulting in higher labour costs. Now, High Resistance from Enza Zaden (HREZ) offers growers a vital tool to tackle this devastating disease. 

The growing collection of HREZ varieties is available in roma, beef, grape, cherry, cocktail and tomatoes- on-the-vine (TOV) tomato types. As the varieties complete their first season of commercial production in The Netherlands, Mexico, Canada and other key production regions, their strong performance has been applauded, particularly in terms of delivering the quality and yield that growers expect from Enza Zaden. 

HREZ actively blocks progression of the virus 

While resistant varieties are not a substitute for good phytosanitary controls, they provide additional confidence to growers. This is partly due to the unique resistance identified in HREZ varieties, which actively blocks progression of the virus in the plant under normal virus pressure. After the virus enters a HREZ tomato plant and starts replicating, the plant defence system will be activated. As a result, the infected cell will be killed thereby preventing the disease from spreading.

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Photo Caption: Sales Rep Enza Zaden at Central South Mexico and grower Antonio Enriquez looking together at High Resistance indeterminate plum variety Cedros in a greenhouse in Tehuacan, Puebla, Mexico. Image rights waved for publication purposes.



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