ToBRFV resistant varieties in Mexico

ToBRFV resistant varieties in Mexico

After having announced the pipeline of its ToBRFV resistant varieties, Hazera launches its first resistant varieties for the Mexican market and showcase them at the most important event for agriculture in Latin America- EXPO AgroAlimentaria Guanajuato® 2022 in Mexico.

ToBRFV is very noticeable in Mexico and growers have been faced with diminished yields and battered fruit. ToBRFV is a huge problem for tomato production, affecting the yield and fruit quality with coloring issues and brown spots on fruits impacting directly on the marketable yield.

Since ToBRFV hit tomato growers worldwide, Hazera’s R&D team has been working tirelessly, for several years, to find varieties capable of giving an effective level of ToBRFV resistance without compromising the yield and fruit quality. ″These efforts included in-depth trials in many locations, under different conditions in a global scale, to confirm that we are able to provide solutions, with the right balance between performance and ToBRFV protection″, according to Alejandro Szechtman, Hazera’s Portfolio Marketing Director.

With the optimal balance between protection and performance, Canelo, one of Hazera’s tomato varieties with resistance to ToBRFV, is an indeterminate Roma type with a vigorous plant, which maintains a balanced yield under adverse environmental conditions, due to its wide array of resistances. ″Through vast trialing of Canelo in most regions of Mexico, including San Luis Potosi, Baja California, Michoacan, Sinaloa, and Coahuila, Canelo provides high yield, excellent fruit quality, good maturation with an intense red color, as well as excellent firmness, maintaining L and XL sizes with average weights of 150 to 160 grams throughout the production cycle″, according to Javier Angulo- Product Development Manager, Mexico.

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