Four new baby plum tomatoes with ToBRFV resistance

Four new baby plum tomatoes with ToBRFV resistance
Photo: Syngenta

The solution for Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus (ToBRFV) in baby plum tomatoes has arrived. Syngenta is launching four new varieties with genetic resistance that offer high yield potential and maintain the quality and taste growers and consumers have come to expect.

″The rugose virus, a tobamovirus, is impacting all tomatoes—but especially the cluster markets such as snacking tomatoes,″ said Stéphane Le Caro, Syngenta Vegetable Seeds Portfolio Lead for Indeterminate Tomato, Passive Greenhouse. ″Syngenta has an answer for that premium market.″

These new varieties give growers options for control in a market where quality and consistency are paramount. Syngenta found resistance that protects yield potential, still defends the plants against other key diseases, and maintains taste and quality characteristics.

New Baby Plum Variety Information

Baby plums (sometimes called oval, grape, or mini cluster), are an important part of consumer plates and grower operations. With new ToBRFV resistance, growers can protect their investment and their harvest.

″We know our customers need resistance to ToBRFV virus, but also other resistances that can be alone or mixed altogether,″ Le Caro explained. ″I’m considering especially tomato mosaic virus, which give symptoms very close to the tobamovirus, so we need to combine all of these in any new variety we deliver.″  

The new varieties are Crystelle, Emyelle, Sicybelle, and Adorelle. Each includes:

  • ToBRFV resistance created using traditional breeding techniques, combined with data technologies for faster innovations.

  • Resistance to other diseases: tomato mosaic virus, tomato yellow leaf curl, Meloidogyne arenaria, Meloidogyne incognita, and Meloidogyne javanica.

  • Suited to growing in active and passive greenhouse production.

  • Homogeneous fruit size on plants.

  • High yield potential for growers.

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