Top 5 cannabis trimming tools every grower should know

Top 5 cannabis trimming tools every grower should know

Cannabis trimming tools can help you clean unwanted plant material from your plants. Commercial bud trimmers, buckers, trimming scissors and conveyors can speed up your cannabis trimming process and save on costly labor.

Read below to learn about the top 5 tools and accessories for trimming cannabis:

Wet Cannabis Trimmers

Wet bud trimmers make easy work of wet trimming versus scissors or pruning shears. By trimming your cannabis buds right after harvest you can reduce your risk for developing mold, speed up your trimming process and will ultimately need less space for drying cannabis plants.

Many of today's best commercial bud trimming machines are capable of trimming both wet and dry buds. Some of our favorite machines for getting a tight wet trim are listed below.

CenturionPro Gladiator Quantanium (Wet & Dry Trimming)

The Gladiator is currently one of the highest capacity wet trimming machines in the world. This commercial-scale trimmer does heavy throughput of your marijuana plants, without sacrificing quality. This wet trimmer is an incredibly powerful tool for any commercial operation.

Learn more about the CenturionPro Gladiator Wet/Dry Trimmer

Twister T6 Bud Trimmer

The Twister T6 Trimmer revolutionizes wet small batch wet trimming. The T6 Trimmer is also capable of dry trimming with speeds oup to 5 lbs/hr for dry bud trimming and up to 18 lbs/hr for wet bud trimming

Learn more about the Twister T6 Bud Trimmer

Resinator XL

The Resinator is the only unit on the list that is capable of both extraction and trimming all-in-one. The XL model from Resinator was just upgraded in 2019, allowing an efficient and capable system for those harvesting for cannabis extract. This all-in-one trimmer and extraction machine will make good use of your sugar leaves and capture the optimal amount of kief and trichomes possible.

Learn more about the Resinator XL

Dry Cannabis Trimmers

Dry cannabis trimming gives you the most control over your final product. Dry cannabis trimming requires an additional step, that you dry your cannabis buds before beginning to trim. The benefits of dry cannabis trimmers include:

  • Higher quality buds post-trim
  • Trimming can be done in stages
  • Buds are protected from mold due to being dried ahead of time
  • Consistent final product

Read more on Gro Advisor.

Photo source: Unsplash

Source: Gro Advisor


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