Why you should eat a tomato every day

Why you should eat a tomato every day

SPAIN - ONE of the benefits of living in Spain is the availability of home-grown fruits and vegetables, many of which are cultivated all year round in the sea of plastic greenhouses located in the south of the country.

Among these star products, many of which are exported to other European Union countries, is the humble tomato, a fruit that was first introduced to Spain by conquistadors, who brought them back from the Americas. 

Not only do Spanish tomatoes taste amazing, but according to a new report from a leading scientist in Spain, they provide significant health benefits, especially if consumed once a day. 

Doctor David Murcia-Lesmes, who is a Food Science and Nutrition researcher, has concluded that tomatoes “can play a favourable clinical role in the prevention and treatment of high blood pressure”. 

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Photo by Avin CP on Unsplash



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