Summer is the perfect time for spring cleaning

Summer is the perfect time for spring cleaning

Greenhouse cleaning is not the most glamorous job, but it’s a necessary task and a great one to do during the summer lull.

For many ornamental greenhouse crop producers, summer finally provides the time to do some much-needed spring cleaning around the greenhouse. Once bedding plant season has ended and garden mums have been planted, but before poinsettias have taken over, is an excellent time to get into the greenhouse and clean, clean, clean!

A clean greenhouse really is one of the most important things to aspire for, as the payoffs can be numerous — less pests and diseases, weed-free containers, safer working spaces for employees, and a workspace that is enjoyable and makes you proud.

The first step in cleaning the greenhouse is to get rid of weeds, debris, growing substrate and plant material. For those plants that are still living and in the greenhouse, why are they there? Carrying over living plant material from season-to-season is one of the easiest ways to harbor pests and disease, making it impossible to break the cycles of infestation and infection. While “pet plants” are certainly enjoyable, they are not well-suited for commercial production facilities. Holding on to leftover crops? Pitch them! They take up space, cost money to maintain, and likely will not be sold. Coarse brooms, floor sweepers can be used once large materials have been picked up off the floor. However, before floors get swept, clean up any spaces above the floor first. Cleaning in a top-to-bottom direction will help remove the most dirt and dust from the greenhouse.

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Photos: The spring rush doesn't allow for much deep cleaning time, so put it on your list of summer chores. Credit: Christopher J. Currey.



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