Outstanding cannabis flowering depends on the roots

Outstanding cannabis flowering depends on the roots

The importance of using specialized growing media for enhanced performance while growing cannabis.

Building and maintaining an efficient indoor operation depends on eliminating risks wherever you can, and the growing media you choose is no exception. Sure, a premium mix is crucial for healthy, uniform crops and high yields, but there’s more to it than that. The right approach will help you optimize your space, your labor force and your water usage. The right supplier will go out of their way to provide the solutions and support you need — when you need them. Best of all, you’re taking the guesswork out of the end result. Let’s take a look at the specifics.


The first step in the growing process is crucial to achieving optimal results. With the right mix, you’ll obtain a uniformly excellent crop that requires minimal labor interventions. Look for a specialty growing medium that is optimized for cannabis. It should provide the pH level cannabis loves (6.0 to 6.8), as well as precisely balanced micronutrients and macronutrients to stimulate gradual nutrient uptake without stressing the plant.

A carefully calibrated mix of peat moss, with coco peat or wood fiber, plus amendments, has been proven to encourage strong root development — the No. 1 secret to growing thriving, wilt-free plants. It will also allow for excellent drainage and water-holding capacities, resulting in less mold and mildew, while saving on water consumption without any loss of performance. At the same time, its excellent aeration levels stimulate root initiation, formation and growth, while eliminating compaction, root rot, and other issues.

Minimize crop variation by providing each young plant with the same amount of growing media. Filling your propagation trays by hand may seem like a cost savings, but it’s often very inefficient. It can easily result in a difference in the amount of media per tray cell by 20% or more. In turn, this discrepancy leads to deviations in the amount of water and nutrients each plant gets, and ultimately in plant size and time to reach maturity.

A specialty substrate input, such as a pellet or stabilized media plug, makes it easy to ensure each plantlet gets off to the best start because each one will be of consistent weight and composition. This ensures all of your plants get the same nutrition, EC and pH values, as well as those aeration, drainage and water-holding capacities needed for a great outcome. Too much of any one mineral could lead to nutrient burn, characterized by shriveled, brown leaves or nutrient lockout, where growth is stunted.

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