Is AgTech and VF right for my farming operation?

Is AgTech and VF right for my farming operation?

AgTech, also known as AgriTech, is a rapidly growing field that involves the use of technology in agriculture. Vertical farming is one of the AgTech innovations that involves growing crops in vertically stacked layers utilising technology to precisly control the growing environment. In this article, we will explore whether vertical farming is right for your farming operation.

What is AgTech or AgriTech?

AgTech or AgriTech refers to the use of technology, innovation, and data analytics in agriculture to optimise and improve farming practices. It involves the development and deployment of new tools and technologies to address the challenges facing the agricultural sector.

It is a rapidly growing field, driven by the need to increase food production to meet the needs of a growing global population, while also addressing environmental and economic challenges. AgTech is not limited to large-scale commercial agriculture; it can also be applied to small-scale farming where it can have a significant impact on food security.

Why is AgTech important for growers?

Agriculture technology provides benefits to growers in multiple ways:

AgTech can help growers to increase profitability by improving efficiency, reducing input costs, and raising crop yields. This can be especially important for small-scale farmers who may have limited resources and face economic challenges.

It can also help to reduce input costs by providing data-driven recommendations for more efficient use of these resources. For example, precision irrigation systems can reduce water usage. Data technology can help better manage risk by providing real-time insights on factors such as weather patterns, market conditions, and crop performance.  

AgTech can also help rive efficiencies by automating tasks that were previously done manually. For example, automated seed planting and harvesting can save time and reduce labour costs, while also improving accuracy and reducing waste.

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