How to anticipate cold spring nights in time

How to anticipate cold spring nights in time
Photo: Priva

The spring sunshine is making a regular appearance at this time of year, but the temperature can still drop considerably in the evening and at night-time. It is essential for growers to take this into account, but how exactly? Kevin de Kok, a consultant at Priva, shares his tips and tricks.


“First and foremost, it’s important to close the energy screen on time,” says Kevin. “It can be tempting to keep it open to catch the last few rays of sunshine, but the outdoor temperature drops by a couple of degrees in the late afternoon. If you leave the screen open for longer, you can end up losing a lot of heat as more energy flows out of the greenhouse than into it. You can avoid that by closing the screen in good time to anticipate the colder spring nights.”


Irrigation is another consideration, especially for producers of fruiting vegetables. “It’s important to stop watering in time. If you carry on for too long, the substrate will still be wet when night falls, because the crop absorbs very little water at night,” explain Kevin. “By stopping at the right time, you maintain sufficient oxygen in the root zone overnight, which will give your plants the strong roots they need for the summer.”

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