Exclusive expert advice on greenhouse profitability

Exclusive expert advice on greenhouse profitability

One of the University of Florida’s most popular learning opportunities in its Greenhouse Training Online program is fast approaching. Develop the skills to accurately estimate production costs and profits for your greenhouse or nursery business in “Costing & Profitability.”

Instructors for the course are economist Dr. Charlie Hall from Texas A&M University, horticulture scientist Dr. Paul Fisher from University of Florida Extension, Dr. Kevin Athearn of the University of Florida, and Bill Swanekamp of Kube-Pak, a growing operation in New Jersey. Topics covered include:

  • Crop enterprise budgets
  • Income statements
  • Benchmarking
  • Allocation of overhead, seasonality, space use, and shrinkage
  • Labor cost and efficiency
  • Pricing and profitability
  • Return on investment for new technology.

Course participants will discuss costing questions with other growers; use apps and spreadsheets to calculate budgets; organize and interpret income statement data; and allocate costs and evaluate price and profitability of different products.

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