The twentysomethings changing the future of agri

The twentysomethings changing the future of agri

These are just some of the inventions created by the talented men and women under 30-years of age who have made this year’s Forbes magazine’s 30 Under 30 list.

Candidates are evaluated on factors including funding, revenue, social impact, inventiveness and potential, and the sectors, of which there are 20 in total, range from social media and music to energy and consumer technology.

Below are the twentysomethings, across different Forbes 30 Under 30 lists, that have the potential to make large advancements in the agricultural industry.

Social Impact

The majority of people commended for work that will affect the agricultural sector fall this year, under the social impact category.

Noah McQueen, co-founder of Heriloom, is on the list for his work offsetting carbon. Heriloom superheats limestone to extract its carbon dioxide (CO2) and stores it underground, where it there acts like a wring-out sponge, reabsorbing greenhouse gases from the air.

Jacob Foss and Joshua Shefner, founders of Agricycle Global, join McQueen on the social impact list.

Agricycle Global transforms rural food loss across Sub-Saharan Africa into economic mobilisation for thousands of remote, smallholder farmers.

Its passive solar dehydrators, which are patent-pending, work without any electricity to preserve on-farm fruits and grains so they can be sold as higher-value products.

Alexander Olesen and Graham Smith, another duo, are behind Babylon Micro-Farms, which aims to empower people to grow fresh and sustainable food via modular vertical farms (pictured top).

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Photo Courtesy of Agritech Future



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