The horti entrepreneurs start the knitting machine at Ridder

27-07-2022    12:52   |    Ridder

The horticulture entrepreneurs behind Van Gog Kwekerijen (NL) and Wittenberg Gemüse (DE) have, in collaboration with screen installer Luiten Greenhouses, chosen for Ridder climate screens for their new greenhouse project.

The growers have seized the opportunity to also provide some existing greenhouse locations with new screens. Among the products chosen were Ridder Light Diffusing (RLD) and Ridder Energy Saving (RES) screens.

The directors of both companies, Marion van Gog and Wichard Schrieks, accompanied by Nico Luiten of Luiten Greenhouses, visited the factory in Maasdijk for a guided tour. The tour ended with a push on the button as a start signal to start the production of their screens.

Marion van Gog was positively surprised after the tour of the factory in Maasdijk. “It is a very impressive process to see. We are delighted to be involved in the production process of our own screen cloths in this way.”

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Photo Credit: Ridder

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