The green future of greenhouses

26-06-2022    07:14   |    Business Focus Magazine

CEO Adri Pols talks about BOAL Group’s emergence from a family-owned aluminium company to a global player in the horticultural industry & their drive towards sustainability.

Originally BOAL was a family-owned business. In 2018 BOAL Group was acquired by a private equity firm, helping BOAL achieve its growth ambitions. BOAL Group continues to grow rapidly based on a buy-and-build strategy.

Over the past four years, BOAL Group has acquired several companies, the aim being to integrate innovations by combining a group of businesses under one umbrella. These businesses offer designing and manufacturing systems, solutions, and components for the construction of greenhouses.

Driving change

One of the drivers of BOAL Group’s growth and transformation and a recent addition to the company is CEO Adri Pols: “I joined the company in January 2021. During that time, I learned the ropes and got to know the business and the market”.

Pols subsequently took over the CEO role in January 2022. He has a clear view of what responsibilities his role entails. “I see myself as a general manager who provides the vision and the strategy with a team covering operations, commercial, finance, digital and HR. My personal passion lies with our customers and our employees. It is key for us to work with both groups simultaneously to continuously transform our business to be future proof “ Pols states.

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