The best winter greens aren't green—They're pink

The best winter greens aren't green—They're pink

In case you haven't been stalking the culinary plant breeding Instagrams (which you should!), radicchio is IN, big time, and pink radicchio is everywhere. The culmination of years of horticulture, culinary history, and plenty of time spent drinking with Italian farmers, these pink and fuchsia greens (heh, "greens") are truly changing the way we see salad.

I mean, radicchio has its own zine now. There's a whole two-city culinary event built around them. If you don't believe a lowly bitter edible is worth such carrying on, I've got four words for you: "legal psychedelic vegetable prom."

These are no mere roughage for the salad plate; they're as magnificent as any bowl of peonies. If you want to see your garden through rose-colored glasses, plan on planting in late summer; these greens sweeten up in a cool-season chill and are best harvested in winter and spring, when the danger of bolting has long passed. If you can't wait that long, look for these varieties in better-stocked produce aisles and farmers' markets.

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Photo Courtesy of Agricolavalverde

Source: Sunset


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