Vertical farming in the center of Krakow

Vertical farming in the center of Krakow

The implementation of data-driven agriculture 4.0 in Poland is not something we will have to wait for until the distant future. This is happening right now and right next to Krakow’s city center. Hydropolis, which provides modern technologies focused on vertical farming, has its own plant cultivation just 5 km from the main market square. Krakow is the second largest city in Poland and the country's capital during the middle-ages.

Since those times, technology has progressed exponentially to allow transition from traditional agriculture to high tech growing methods that don’t require soil. In our headquarters, lettuce and herbs grow on vertical farms, but that's not all that we do. The R&D center constantly conducts research on cultivation regulations for new species of flowers, medicinal plants and micro herbs. The cultivation recipe is developed to select the best conditions for the growth of the plant and maximize the quality of the product.

Lettuce is in season all year round!

Grow Wizard is the secret ingredient that makes Hydropolis technology unique. This software is the brain of our crop operations. The platform manages production using intelligent algorithms and data analysis from the cloud. By leveraging those solutions, it provides optimal growth conditions for the plants.

Most plants need a warm and sunny climate to grow, and such weather in Poland occurs only a few months a year. Plants planted on growing carts in a hydroponic system can grow in spring, summer, autumn and winter. Regardless of the season and the weather outside, the cultivation works regardless of rain, wind, frost and cold.

Our hydroponic systems provide solutions for large cultivation areas (from 200m2 upwards). Among the potential clients are entrepreneurs, e.g., from the food industry and farmers.

What they grow:

  • lettuce: butter, romaine, corrugated, batavian
  • herbs: mint, basil (bonazza, thai, lemon), thyme, coriander

“Our mission is to provide the most effective solutions that are an ecological alternative to traditional agriculture. Passion, commitment and specialized knowledge drive us every day. I can proudly say that our entire team works for future generations,” says Anna Drwięga COO Hydropolis.

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