Use of AI in greenhouse and VF

Use of AI in greenhouse and VF

Vertical farming is the production of products vertically stacked so that even if land is used it can now be produced as a more effective method, smart agriculture.

Vertical farming is generally used when the yield of the soil is low or under unused conditions and it also contributes to the cultivation of crops. Consequently, many vertical fields and greenhouses are designed as closed spaces and are inclined to provide better light.

In vertical farming, artificial light is often used in combination with natural daylight, and pioneers who prefer this method, such as ForFarming  have observed positive impacts on future food safety and human health, and the need for agricultural land will be reduced. One of the most important reasons for this is the protection of natural life and the prevention of environmental pollution.

Another important issue is the importance and use of artificial intelligence in vertical agriculture. IoT-based artificial intelligence system, developed by ForFarming, “Farmio” with a stylish and elegant design that you are currently producing greenhouses, parks and gardens can be controlled and monitored simultaneously with Farmio plays a role.

Farmio can be controlled from anywhere with its advanced algorithm system, and it ensures that your current harvest can be measured automatically such as humidity, temperature, temperature, pH or CO2. This feature provides great advantages to the users, and the fact that it can be followed in a coordinated manner has a great effect on maximum utilization of production.
ForFarming, which wants to be the world’s landless agricultural technology provider, provides the world’s first and only artificial intelligence supported intelligent agriculture solution, and provides a healthy and fresh products throughout the year.

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