The benefits of data-driven greenhouse growing

The benefits of data-driven greenhouse growing

Agricultural businesses are turning to data-driven practices more than ever, and with that comes an evolution in the tools available to analyze and use data. Collecting data allows you to take intelligent actions and make strategic decisions to optimize your production practices.

Data-driven growing involves three steps:

  • The collection of data
  • The analysis of these data
  • The drawing of conclusions and putting them into action.

While the return on investment for data technology can be high, growers may still wonder how it benefit them. A recent article from Pylot offers an overview of these benefits.

Increased Control Over Your Growing Environment

A vast amount of data can be collected in a greenhouse. You can place sensors inside the greenhouse to collect data that make it possible for you to control the most important climatic conditions, such as temperature, humidity, light, and CO2 levels. Since the sensors work all the time, you can adjust settings inside the greenhouse whenever it’s needed to create the optimal environment for your plants.

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