The benefits of a climate computer in 500 words

The benefits of a climate computer in 500 words

Every grower knows that the climate computer is the beating heart of their greenhouse operation. Modern greenhouses have dozens of processes taking place simultaneously to create the perfect climate conditions for plant growth. Managing and keeping track of these processes is impossible to do manually, which is why greenhouse climate control using a climate computer is essential.

As the horticulture sector continues to innovate and increase process automation, it’s important for growers to understand exactly what benefits climate computers offer and how they help get the most out of a greenhouse. This blog summarises the key features of Ridder’s climate computers -  in just 500 words. 

User-friendly interface and easy greenhouse integration

Ridder understands that growers’ number one priority is getting the best out of their crop. For this task, climate computers can be game changing. New technology doesn’t need to be complicated and overly technical. Ridder climate computers come with a uniquely designed user interface (UI) programme, with features that help growers navigate through the menus quickly and simply. 

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