Q&A with Ayola

Q&A with Ayola

Ayola offers a patent in USA technology Multi Layer Conveyor System (MLCS) automated system for growing greens, such as seedlings, salads and green animal feed, tomatoes, cucumbers, pepper, and berries. A distinctive feature of our approach is the complete automation of the growing process and the use of solar (natural) light. With a specific configuration, limiting or completely excluding artificial lighting is possible. System solutions can also be used for automation in other applications, such as growing mushrooms, snails, silkworms, and other growing insects. The solution can be used for storing small-sized cargo with maximum use of the height of the premises.

Thanks to the automation of the process and the use of natural light, the moving conveyor system has a competitive production cost. Food trays drive right up to you, which eliminates the use of stairs and work at height for production personnel. Unlike hydroponics, the agronomic process of direct irrigation (used in our solution) is simple and can be performed with minimal special knowledge. In addition, our irrigation system allows efficient recycled water usage.

The advantages of the Ayola system are:

  • Versatility and application in various industries

The vertical conveyor farming technology is universal and allows you to dry vegetables and fruits and grow green vegetables, mushrooms, snails, silkworms, and other insects. It is possible to use the technology universally depending on the climatic conditions and the season. For example, in summer, dry fruits and vegetables; in winter, salads, green food, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and berries grow.

  • Efficient use of space

The technology of vertical conveyor farming allows you to automate processes and significantly increase efficiency. As an example of this technology, it is possible to dry 100 tons (4 hectares) of tomatoes daily on a total 1000 m2.

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