Keep crops growing with preventative maintenance

Keep crops growing with preventative maintenance

Commercial greenhouses are utilized worldwide to ensure consumers have access to fruits, vegetables, and flowers year-round. According to Markets and Markets, the global commercial greenhouse market was estimated to be valued at $35.5 billion in 2022. It is projected to reach $61.6 billion by 2027, recording a compound annual growth rate of roughly 12% during the forecast period.

But to sustain these greenhouses, facilities need climate control solutions that promote healthy growing conditions. While spring and summer allow for great growing conditions in many regions, heating units are needed to deliver year-round growth during the winter months. Without these solutions, many commercial greenhouses would fail to produce adequate fruits and vegetables for consumers once the temperatures drop.

With that said, facility managers need to keep their heating solutions top-of-mind during the summer months as well. This time allows commercial greenhouse owners to take the preventative measures necessary to ensure their heating solution will operate at maximum efficiency when the cold weather strikes.

Prepping for Winter

For many greenhouses, commercial unit heaters provide growers with a permanent heat source and helps create a controlled climate that promotes growth in the winter. But even the best unit heaters may not perform at peak levels if they are not serviced properly. The summer offers a great opportunity to have these units inspected to create little to no downtime during the winter months.

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