5 benefits of wireless temperature monitoring systems

5 benefits of wireless temperature monitoring systems

Ensuring optimal temperatures is paramount for many industries, from healthcare to food processing. It can help companies safeguard employees and comply with regulations. A wireless temperature monitoring system offers an efficient and advanced solution.

Key Temperature Regulations across Industries

  • Healthcare: Medications require storage between 59° to 77°F. Blood bank storage requires temperatures from +35° to +50°C.
  • Production Facilities and Computer Rooms: Specific areas must be maintained at much cooler temperatures than other parts of a facility to prevent equipment overheating that can damage computer components. ASHRAE recommends 64.4 to 80.6°F for A1 to A4 class hardware.
  • Food Processing: The USDA demands precise temperatures for stored foods. Dry grains should be stored at temperatures of 50°F, refrigerated foods between 32°–40°F and frozen foods at 0° or lower.  

The Inadequacy of Manual Temperature Tracking

Manual temperature tracking is not only time-intensive but also error-prone. Temperature discrepancies can result in product corruption or halted operations since they can take hours to identify.

And what happens if temperatures rise in a computer room or storage area after hours? Most likely, spoilage or equipment failures that result in thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

The answer? A wireless temperature monitoring system.

How Wireless Temperature Monitoring Systems Excel

These systems, compared to outdated manual methods, harness advanced technology to streamline and automate temperature management. They can be utilized in facilities or within transportation fleets holding chilled products.

Their rising popularity is evident in the growth from $2.19 billion in 2021 to a projected $4.71 billion by 2028, as per Fortune Business Insights.

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