Autonomous growing saves on energy & water usage

Autonomous growing saves on energy & water usage
Image: Blue Radix

Growers face a daily challenge of managing multiple tasks for healthy plant growth while controlling costs. This demanding process requires constant attention and action, often consuming growers' time and leading to potential mistakes. Autonomous Growing can make a significant difference, providing autonomous operational control and proven efficiency, especially in the face of limited experienced growers. It benefits both growers and greenhouse entrepreneurs.

Many natural processes come together

Autonomous Growing is a practical application of AI in daily greenhouse operations. Making processes like climate management, irrigation and energy management autonomous, assures accurate, precise and high-frequent action. Because AI-driven processes do not have any limitation when it comes to process data: the possibilities are endless. At the same time, growing plants is a process where many natural processes come together. Some can be influenced, many cannot or are very hard to get under control. Therefore, it’s extremely important AI is combined withto combine AI with knowledge about natural growing processes and clear defined goals by the company and the grower. In the end, company goals and crop management have to be aligned.

Energy and water reduction as a direct effect

Blue Radix’ Crop Controller is a proven and trusted solution at 70 production locations around the globe. With the introduction of full integration of climate and irrigation control at GreenTech Amsterdam, the system automates up to 80% of climate computer work. And the system calculates tailormade results for each individual grower, location and strategy as it uses the grower’s unique crop strategy and goals as a starting point. It analyzesanalyses all relevant data to optimally steer the greenhouse climate and irrigation installations autonomously with great results.

At Blue Radix, extensive monitoring and research is being done to evaluate the effects of Autonomous Growing. The precise way of steering greenhouse installations via Autonomous Growing is supporting the grower, so the grower can manage 4 times more hectares. It also improves profit. This is a logical and direct effect of high-frequent, continuous analyzing of all available greenhouse data. Regardless the grower’s strategy and outside weather conditions significant energy reduction has been measured at Blue Radix customers. On average Blue Radix’ customers save 13%-18% on energy usage by applying autonomous growing at production locations, whilst also improving yield between 2% and 7%. With the innovative and integrated Autonomous Climate and Irrigation Control, also water usage is being reduced with 10%.

Win-win for team and company

Optimization of both energy and irrigation as part of full autonomous growing unlocks tremendous new opportunities for greenhouse entrepreneurs who want to combine cost reduction with sustainability goals, without making any concessions on production results. Growers save valuable time and find more ease in managing all those hectares making autonomous growing a win-win for both team and company.

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Source: GreenTech Amsterdam



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