5 reasons to embrace sensor tech in 2023

5 reasons to embrace sensor tech in 2023

The smart farming market is developing rapidly, as crop cultivation becomes more automated, with sensor and data-driven technology an integral part of it. While the fast-growing trend of using sensors in precision farming is not a new phenomenon, there are two distinct driving forces behind it. Primarily, the technology is evolving to combine information in new advanced ways through data integration and connectivity, which is empowering farmers thanks to real-time insights, giving them optimum control over their crops. Secondly, the sharp rise in energy costs is forcing farmers and growers to focus on the adoption of smart, efficient environment friendly technology across indoor farming – from vertical farming and containers, to polytunnels and greenhouses.

Today, as more indoor growers see its positive effects on controlled crop production, the smart farming market is forecast to be worth US $56.96 billion by 2029, growing at a CAGR 18.5% until the end of this period. LST looks at five reasons why sensor technology will appeal to more indoor growers in 2023 and beyond.  

 1. Increased efficiency 

By using sensor technology, growers can rely on data to plan and optimise output, allowing them to manage their environment with more precision, only using what they need. By obtaining granular insights into every part of the indoor growing environment, from energy usage to humidity to resources, growers can optimise every one of these elements to reduce waste and cut costs while implementing more sustainable ways of agriculture. 

Just from an energy perspective – a major consideration now more than ever, owing to the rising costs – being able to carefully manage light placements and usage can shave money off the bottom line. 

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