Sustainable chrysanthemum cultivation at Dümmen Orange

Cut flower cultivation in the soil presents a number of challenges. Plant health, water and environmental aspects, energy consumption and optimising cultivation are just a few examples. Sustainability is possible by using new innovations. Van der Knaap recently visited Dümmen Orange's show greenhouse in De Kwakel. An ErfGoedFloor with an ebb and flow system has recently been installed there. An aerated coco substrate from Van der Knaap Group was selected.

Dümmen Orange

Dümmen Orange is an international breeder and propagator focused on pot plants, bedding plants, perennial plants, tropical plants, cut flowers and bulbs. "Sustainability is a high priority for us", explains Roy van Kester. "The ErfGoedFloor enables us to grow emission free. It is a closed system: water and fertilisers are captured and can then be reused. This growing system suits our aim to make growing cut chrysanthemums sustainable." At the moment, cultivation occurs mainly outdoors. By adding this innovation to their show greenhouse, Dümmen Orange wants - together with its partners - to show the sector that there are good, applicable innovations available for substrate grown cut flowers.


For the substrate, Dümmen Orange came to Van der Knaap for advice. As an expert in substrate manufacturing, we can offer an outstanding range of different custom solutions. Our advisors possess practical knowledge of diverse crops, which means they can give advice about optimal growing conditions.

The choice for coco substrate was an obvious one. "We have good experience with coco substrate. For chrysanthemum cultivation we were looking for the ideal air and water balance. An aerated growing medium where the chrysanthemum can establish and take root'', says Roy van Kester. 

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Photo Courtesy of van der Knaap

Source: van der Knaap


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