Snail farms: a sustainable protein alternative

Snail farms: a sustainable protein alternative

"At the end of May, I attended the NovelFarm conference in Pordenone, in northern Italy. While at the conference, I was invited to visit a local snail farm. Having attempted (mostly unsuccessfully) to raise snails previously in California, I was very interested in visiting this farm."

"I imagined a high-tech indoor operation with gleaming stainless steel surfaces, scientists in white coats racing around, and small vats of snail caviar readying for sale. The reality was completely different, but more interesting than I could have imagined.

Arriving at Mattia’s farm, located just outside of the small town of San Martino al Tagliamento, neither were there buildings, nor were there scientists or snail caviar. 

Mattia Marinello is a first-generation snail farmer, farming snails outdoors in large, outdoor pens. 

The operation produces certified organic snail meat, snail slime, and related beauty products. The farm likely has a minimal carbon footprint - certainly much smaller than other forms of farmed meat. Mattia had worked in the food industry prior to launching his snail farm, and during that time, he developed a passion for high-quality food and ingredients. "

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