New R&D project for VF without artificial lighting

New R&D project for VF without artificial lighting

The project supported and financed by the CDTI (Center for the Development of Industrial Technology) and the Ministry of Science and Innovation, began its design in 2020.

The study and development of this new architectural model called Vertical Sunning, with a passive solar design that uses intelligent light and water strategies to maximize the efficiency of the system, has been carried out for two years.

‘We have used innovative Ray Tracing technologies to design the structure, optimize PAR radiation, and homogenize the distribution of light to the crops that will be located inside.’ Says Juan Pardo, project manager and head of Innovation at Novagric.

A more efficient alternative to vertical farming systems

More than 70% of the world's population will live in megacities in the coming years, and according to demographic and nutritional trends, the demand for healthy and local food will be increasing.

The Vertical Sunning project was conceived as a vertical and urban farming solution to produce sustainable food in cities in a more efficient way.

Indoor farming has been evolving, but the investment remains high. Numerous research studies highlight the urge for vertical farms to decrease operation expenses to become more profitable. Vertical Sunning aims to solve this critical point: the high energy cost.

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Photo Courtesy of Agritech Tomorrow



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