More compost for the horticultural sector

More compost for the horticultural sector
Michiel Zuidema, Christiaan Olde Bolhaar, Ted Vollebregt, Arjan Vleems

Olde Bolhaar Eco-Service BV is the new owner of Recycling Centrum Zuid-Oost Drenthe Emmen.

As of 1 January 2024, Olde Bolhaar Eco-Service is the new owner of Recycling Centrum Zuid-Oost Drenthe in Emmen.  With this move, Olde Bolhaar Eco-Service, manufacturer of high-quality compost and wood products for the substrate industry, strengthens its position in the market for renewable raw materials.

Recycling Centrum in Emmen is one of the larger regional processing plants for green waste flows. On a terrain extending over three hectares, around 30,000 tons of green waste flows are converted annually to 25,000 m³ of high-quality compost, which is used in the production of substrates. In addition, around 7500 tons of biomass are processed to produce electricity and heat. The branch in Emmen offers sufficient space to process other renewable raw materials in the future, like bark and other novelties that are currently still being tested. Recently, the branch was certified according to the criteria of the Association for Regulations on Commercial Potting Soils (Regeling Handels Potgronden, RHP), which has increased the demand for the products produced in Emmen. With its favourable location close to the border, Recycling Centrum Zuid-Oost Drenthe delivers to various customers in Germany as well as the Netherlands.

Olde Bolhaar Eco-Service has several branches in the Netherlands and Germany, making it one of the largest manufacturers of renewable raw materials and biomass. Since 2021 Olde Bolhaar Eco-Service and Klasmann-Deilmann have been collaborating in a joint venture. Klasmann-Deilmann is one of the largest users of wood fibre and green compost for the professional horticultural sector.

“Our branches in Zelhem and Duiven are successful processing plants of green waste flows,” explained Christiaan Olde Bolhaar. “We have long been working together with the Recycling Centrum in Emmen. We supply green waste flows and pick up compost and biomass. This takeover will produce important synergies that will strengthen the branch in Emmen.”

On Wednesday, 3 January 2024, the official acquisition took place in Emmen. The current management team of Recycling Centrum Zuid-Oost Drenthe is convinced that the customers, the employees and the partners will all profit from this acquisition.

The customers will not notice the change as Arjan Vleems remains responsible for the operation at the branch.



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