Koppert moves towards global sustainability

Koppert moves towards global sustainability

BERKEL EN RODENRIJS, THE NETHERLANDS - Koppert is on the road towards becoming a globally sustainable and green organization. While the company’s products and services have been promoting sustainable horticulture and agriculture for more than 55 years, it is now bringing more transparency into its processes and operations. This is being done in partnership with Global Sustainable Enterprise Systems (GSES) with independently verified Control Union certifications for CSR targets, circularity, CO2 reduction and biodiversity, among others.

The GSES system is used by companies such as Google, Univé, ABN AMRO and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. GSES operates in more than 110 countries, combines more than 560 sustainability labels, and has more than 70,000 active customers. In 2021, Koppert invited GSES to measure where the company stands as a sustainable organization, with the aim of setting clear goals on environmental, social and governance targets. The company then used these measurements as starting points to make informed decisions about its operations; minimize risks, and maximize its positive impact on the world. The company is set to bring its partnership with GSES to a global level in 2023.

GSES is proud of the new partnership, explains CEO and founder Kelly Ruigrok. ‘By providing innovative solutions that increase yields and improve environmental resilience and soil quality, Koppert’s positive impact on agriculture and horticulture is significant.  Sustainability is high on their agenda where they are making continuous steps forward. We recently welcomed major retailers such as Wibra and Xenos, and are so happy that we will now work with Koppert as well to make the world more sustainable.’

Ongoing partnership with GSES

In order to drive its sustainability both internally and externally, Koppert recognized that new sustainability strategies needed to be drafted. GSES makes it possible to track the sustainability impact of the company’s supply chain, processes and operations. It uses worldwide accepted standards to holistically measure the sustainability performance of organizations on CSR, Sustainable procurement, CO2 reduction, Circular economy, Health & Safety and Biodiversity. The GSES system brings together hundreds of sustainability labels and standards in one universal assessment for manufacturers, suppliers and (end) users.

Overall, this collaboration allowed a whole diagnosis of the meaning and magnitude of Koppert’s claims of what it is to be a sustainable and green organization.  

‘Koppert’s vision and mission are the basis for our definition of sustainability and the main drivers for our desire to reduce our impact on the environment. To be successful in our ambitions, we need to measure our impact and report on it. – states Edwin Muijt, Koppert’s Sustainability Officer.

Photo credit: Koppert



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