Horticoop backs VitalFluid’s plasma tech

Horticoop backs VitalFluid’s plasma tech
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Horticoop becomes a shareholder in VitalFluid, supporting sustainable horticulture with plasma technology. VitalFluid’s innovation simulates the natural lightning process to create plasma-activated water, a sustainable nitrogen source. The investment will expand the application of this technology, offering a natural alternative to chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Investment in Nature-Inspired Innovation

Horticoop, an investment cooperative representing around 400 horticultural businesses, has taken a significant step towards sustainable agriculture by investing in VitalFluid, a company at the forefront of plasma technology for plant nutrition and health. This strategic move aligns with Horticoop’s commitment to fostering a greener future in horticulture.

Mimicking Nature’s Process

VitalFluid has harnessed the power of nature by replicating the effects of lightning, which naturally binds nitrogen from the air to water, providing a vital nutrient source for plants. Their innovative machine produces plasma-activated water in greenhouses, delivering a sustainable supply of liquid nitrogen fertilizer and offering a natural alternative to chemical crop protection.

Dual Benefits of Plasma-Activated Water

Erik Hertel, CEO of VitalFluid, emphasizes the dual advantages of their technology. The reactive oxygen and nitrogen compounds generated during production have both cleansing and nourishing properties. This breakthrough presents a significant advancement towards more sustainable agricultural and horticultural practices.

Expanding Sustainable Solutions

With Horticoop’s investment, VitalFluid is poised to enhance its technology and broaden its impact. The goal is to provide growers with eco-friendly options for fertilization and crop protection, reducing the industry’s reliance on chemical products.

A Shared Vision for Horticulture

Wilco Schoonderbeek, Investment Director at Horticoop, highlights the synergy between Horticoop’s objectives and VitalFluid’s innovation. The collaboration is expected to benefit the horticultural sector by improving access to environmentally responsible solutions.

Broader Investment Interest

The investment in VitalFluid is not only from Horticoop but also includes contributions from Innovation Industries, an independent investment fund. This collective support showcases the growing interest in sustainable technologies within the agricultural investment community.

Source: iGrows



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