Desch introduces 'The art of recycled plastic'

Desch introduces 'The art of recycled plastic'

With 'The art of recycled plastic', Desch is launching a new communication concept that elevates the making of products from recycled plastic to an art. Kees Waqué, Manager of Retail and Marketing, talks about this unique concept, why it's time to look at plastic differently, and how Desch is going to show the art of doing this.

The art of recycled plastic

Desch has been making products from recycled plastic for the horticulture sector for decades. That may seem quite ordinary, yet it remains an art. At Desch, they are constantly developing still smarter and more innovative techniques for recycling plastic.

Desch Denker IPM from Desch Plantpak on Vimeo.

Inspired by M.C. Escher and Auguste Rodin

With 'The art of recycled plastic', Desch distinguishes itself from the competition. Art is permanent, and so is plastic. Kees: "On the one hand, our coloured pots provide added value. Plants look even more beautiful in them, and that strikes a chord with consumers. On the other hand, there is an art to making something new out of recycled plastic that can then be recycled again. We show this recycling process in a literal way with the sculpture inspired by M.C. Escher. The artist who became world-famous for his graphic art, which includes the famous patterns in which fish turn into birds. In our case, a fabric softener bottle turns into a flower pot. And because the names are so similar, we named this sculpture 'The Descher'. You will see this image on our premises, our trucks and on the website. But our 'art collection' is bigger than that. We also had a sculpture of our pots made after 'The Thinker' by Auguste Rodin. This sculpture of pots aligns with 'Rethink Plastics'. The initiative of Plastics Europe and the Dutch Rubber and Plastic Industry Federation (NRK), with its focus on a fully sustainable and circular plastic value chain in the Netherlands. Our CEO, Jan Willem Wieringa, is a board member of the NRK. With this art concept, Desch wants to create more awareness about the importance of plastic and its use. In the coming year, we will continue to expand and showcase this art concept through our various channels".

About Desch

Desch, headquartered in Waalwijk (The Netherlands) is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of pots and containers, transport and marketing trays, seed and propagation trays, and packs for the professional horticulture sector. Desch also produces a range of premium injection-moulded ornamental pots, hanging pots, bowls and accessories, better known under the brand name EPLA. Desch has several production facilities in the Netherlands, the UK and Poland, including two Desch-IPP plants: one in the Netherlands and one in Poland. Desch has traditionally been at the forefront of the use of recycled materials and constantly introduces innovations in recycling.

Photo credit: Desch




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