COFRA appoints Jheroen Muste as Executive Chair, Clean Energy

COFRA appoints Jheroen Muste as Executive Chair, Clean Energy
Jheroen Muste - COFRA Holding Executive Chair of Clean Energy

Zug, Switzerland – The appointment underpins COFRA’s commitment, through business, to positively impact industries that are transitioning to support a more just and sustainable world.

COFRA Holding AG (“COFRA”) announces the appointment of Jheroen Muste as its Executive Chair, Clean Energy, effective 1 November, to lead the growth and development of COFRA’s Clean Energy strategy and business.

COFRA made its first step into clean energy with the 2020 acquisition of Sunrock, which has since scaled up to deliver large commercial rooftop solar projects in Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Further organic and inorganic growth is planned in clean energy.

Boudewijn Beerkens, CEO of COFRA Holding, commented: “Clean Energy is an important business area for COFRA. It is growing rapidly and supporting the transition in Europe to cleaner sources of energy. The appointment of an Executive Chair is another step in our commitment to lead our ambitious organic and inorganic growth plans for clean energy.”

Jheroen Muste, COFRA’s Executive Chair, Clean Energy, said: “The energy transition is one of the most important societal challenges of our time, so I am pleased to support COFRA in building our business in this field. I look forward to collaborating with businesses, property owners, operators, partners, investors and innovators to help accelerate the transition to a sustainable energy system.”

Jheroen is currently COFRA’s Chief Strategy Officer and joined COFRA in 2016.

COFRA’s appointment of an Executive Chair for Clean Energy follows last year’s appointment of David Levin as Executive Chair of COFRA’s Sustainable Food Group, to drive organic and inorganic growth in another of COFRA’s newer business areas.



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