Strawberry producer, Ever Tru Farms launches in Ontario

19-01-2022    12:05   |    Greenhouse Canada

CANADA- Ever Tru Farms, a new Ontario-based and entirely vertically integrated strawberry producer, has announced the company’s first crop coming in March.

The business is targeting an aggressive expansion plan, and on track to have 1 million square feet of hydroponic growing space online by January of 2022, with an additional 1 million square feet by this coming fall.

EverTru Farms is expected to produce 30,000 cases of strawberries a week to start, with expected growth of up to 45,000 cases in the near future.

The team consists of Paul J. Mastronardi, Head of Sales and Marketing, Guido van het Hof, President of Great Northern Hydroponics, as well as participation from Jim DiMenna, President of Red Sun Farms.

“We are one team, with one focus: to deliver consistently delicious strawberries, every time. We are confident in our strategy, but more importantly, our process,” said Mastronardi.

Greenhouse grown, these strawberries are locally cultivated year-round in a controlled environment with optimum growing conditions, no pesticides, and non-GMO. The Ever Tru team says they spent six years refining the growing process. The entire operation, from propagation to distribution, will be operated under one team.

“We are moving into the strawberry category as a united front,” said van het Hof, president of Great Northern Hydroponics. “Through reconstructing and adapting the approach that brought us so much success with other produce, we have developed a growing strategy for strawberries that achieves unparalleled taste and consistency.” 

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