Why training is the cornerstone of retaining your workforce

Why training is the cornerstone of retaining your workforce

The tables have turned when it comes to workforce recruitment and retention. In the past, an employer in any industry could offer a candidate a job with decent compensation and benefits. If it was the right fit, the candidate accepted the offer. Now, candidates want more than money and benefits. They want opportunities for training and development.

The modern workforce is not comfortable working in the same position for several decades. They want to learn about different facets of the business, hone their skills in multiple departments, and grow as professionals in their field. Candidates are evaluating what they can do for the company, but also what the company can do for them.

“It’s much more complex than saying no one wants to work anymore or the Great Resignation,” says Geneiva McNeale, Training and Development Manager for Metrolina Greenhouses. “People really do want to work, but they don’t want to work for a company where they feel like there isn’t a place for them. They don’t want to work for little pay, poor benefits, or in a toxic environment.”

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Photo: Metrolina Greenhouses is investing in its people with training classes and opportunities for professional development. Credit: Metrolina Greenhouses



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