Changing costs for greenhouse growers in 2023

Changing costs for greenhouse growers in 2023

Costs to produce plants are going up. There’s no getting around it. Greenhouse Grower wanted to understand what those expenditures look like for growers and in what areas they expect to see increases or decreases in 2023, so we asked about expenditures in areas such as labor, structures, and containers.

Sixty growers responded to the survey, with nearly 56% of those respondents falling in the small category of less than 100,000 square feet under cover, 33% in the large grower category (100,000 to 999,999 square feet), and 11% in the very large classification of 1 million square feet or larger. Many of the survey respondents grew ornamentals (78%), with 11% being vegetable growers (fresh market, fully mature produce), and 11% growers that grew some combination of ornamentals, vegetables, and cannabis/hemp. Additionally, 44% of the respondents call the Northeast U.S. home, 33% were outside the U.S., 11% in the Midwest U.S., and 11% in the Southwest U.S.


Labor, unsurprisingly, was the largest average expenditure category for growers, with 60% of survey respondents saying they spent $500,000 or less to employ workers in 2022, followed by 13% spending $1 million to $5 million. While a few growers said they expect to see some labor expenditures stay the same or decrease for 2023, most survey respondents expect an increase in labor costs going into the new year.

How do you expect your 2023 expenditures for labor to compare to your 2022 expenditures?

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