Nestle supports farmers to advance regenerative agri

Nestle supports farmers to advance regenerative agri
Photo: Nestlé Vietnam

More than one-third of global anthropogenic greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions come from agriculture, and the sector also accounts for 70 per cent of global freshwater withdrawals. Therefore, transitioning from traditional farming methods to low-emission, regenerative agriculture is considered one of the most important solutions to respond to climate change and contribute to the development of sustainable food systems.

Global food corporation Nestlé not only produces high-quality and nutritious products for consumers but also contributes to accelerating the shift to regenerative food systems through collaboration and companionship with farmers and partners.

More than 700 specialists and more than 5,500 staff at Nestlé are supporting the transition to regenerative food systems, and Nestlé is also partnering with 500,000 farmers globally to implement regenerative agriculture initiatives.

In Vietnam, via the NESCAFÉ Plan initiative deployed since 2011, Nestlé’s agronomists have supported 21,000 farmer households to adopt sustainable coffee farming practices in Central Highlands provinces.

“Advancing regenerative agriculture models is one of our important efforts towards the goal of net-zero emissions by 2050. We aim to improve soil health, soil quality, and soil fertility, as well as protecting water resources and biodiversity,” said Khuat Quang Hung, director of Corporate Affairs at Nestlé Vietnam.

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