Investing in a greenhouse? 'Start at the beginning'

Investing in a greenhouse? 'Start at the beginning'
Henk Verbakel of Havecon

For international projects, the purchasing process for greenhouses has changed significantly in recent years. The conversation used to be predominantly about technology; however, nowadays, the focus seems to be on recoverability. According to Henk Verbakel of Havecon, this is exactly how it should be. He says: "Havecon started using this approach years ago." Recently, he shifted his complete focus to sales at Havecon.

He adds: "I understand that the recoverability period is leading. But don't underestimate the importance of a good starting point. You have to start at the beginning. I mean that we look at feasibility studies, business plans, financing, and location decisions. That's the beginning. Don't start the other way around. There are too many examples of newcomers who start by building and then face unforeseen circumstances. That's a shame. Moreover, it's unnecessary. Together with the investors, we prefer to first determine that a new greenhouse has a right to exist."

For these kinds of conversations, Henk and business developer Adnan Tunovic analyze the market for the new greenhouse. They consider matters such as the sales market, trends, developments, and new investment opportunities.

Heading towards a more favorable investment climate
Henk: "The sector, including the greenhouse builders, benefits from a calm market. This is highlighted by the effect of the war in Ukraine, Corona, and rising interest rates. Currently, interest rates seem to be falling, and the investment climate is becoming more favorable again. We definitely experience this in North America."

Havecon is active in the North American market and is currently experiencing a rise in projects. In this market, the retail sector increasingly demands vegetables that are grown in greenhouses. Horticulture seems to replace field cultivation for several crops for safety- and hygiene-related reasons. Further, climate change underlines the importance of guaranteed good production.

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