GreenV invests in Mexican market with GreenV Mexico

GreenV invests in Mexican market with GreenV Mexico
Mauricio Revah, Managing Director at GreenV

GreenV, an international group of horticulture suppliers, strengthens its presence in Mexico by establishing GreenV Mexico, and appointing Mauricio Revah as Managing Director. This investment is in accordance with GreenV’s international growth strategy of becoming the reference in the global horticulture industry by bringing together leading and innovative suppliers with complementary capabilities and activities on multiple continents for close collaboration and mutual reinforcement, and acknowledges the significance of the Mexican market. Mauricio Revah explains: “There is no doubt about the importance and potential of the Mexican market. The main advantage for Mexican growers and investors is that GreenV Mexico combines the strength of the Dutch horticultural innovation network with a local market presence, allowing us to provide a complete range of solutions and a fast and high level of service. That will make GreenV Mexico a very reliable and valuable partner.”

The Mexican branch is located in the heart of the horticultural area of Querétaro. The company will focus on the mid- and high-tech market, and will prioritize customer service, project development and maintenance support. “Because we cooperate intensively with the companies in the GreenV network and make use of each other’s knowledge and expertise, GreenV Mexico will be a leading partner for local horticultural entrepreneurs who demand Dutch quality for their greenhouse systems, installed and serviced through a locally present organization. For example, Priva customers in Mexico can rely on us for maintenance, service and updates, because together with the other GreenV companies, we are the official full-service partner for Mexico,” states Mauricio Revah. “From our office in Querétaro, we are available for any expansion, replacement or questions related to service and maintenance. We will also be present at GreenTech Americas in March of next year.”

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