Leading your greenhouse into the new year

Leading your greenhouse into the new year

Visitors to GreenhouseGrower.com can not just find helpful information on new varieties, how to grow them, and how to equip your greenhouse for long-term success. We also strive to make it a resource for analysis of the trends driving the controlled-environment industry, and how big-picture issues trickle down into how you run your business on a daily basis.

From thought pieces from our own editorial team to perspectives from across the industry, here are just a few pieces of advice for you to consider.

Why It’s Vitally Important For You to Know Your End Consumer

Consumer engagement is changing, and Greenhouse Grower Editor Janeen Wright says the businesses that grow and find continued success will be those that do more to build their business around their customers. Learn more here.

How You Can Ease Labor Troubles in the Greenhouse With Automation


Labor supply and reliability concerns aren’t going away in the greenhouse industry anytime soon. As a result, growers are looking for tools they can use to upgrade their automation game. The good news is, they’re doing this with the help of tech suppliers. Greenhouse Grower Senior Editor Brian Sparks offers a closer look at how a few companies are working with their grower customers to make evolving technology adoption as seamless as possible. Learn more here.

Why Cultivate’22 Was an Eye-Opening Experience for a Newcomer Like Me

Greenhouse Grower Managing Editor Julie Hullett explains how despite the sensory overload of displays on the Cultivate trade show floor, she left feeling closer to the industry and the people in it. 

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