5 mistakes vertical farms make

5 mistakes vertical farms make

In recent months, the vertical farming industry has been going through a correction period.

We have seen high-profile farm closures and significant layoffs, leading many to wonder if there is truly a future for vertical farming. 

In December of 2021, Agritecture’s Founder and CEO, Henry Gordon-Smith, predicted that the industry would experience a dip in hype or profitability, which he identified as the “trough of disillusionment”. This is not entirely bad, however, as it allows for vertical farming to correct its course and head on a more profitable path. It is important to learn from the mistakes being made now so we can avoid similar mistakes in the future. 

We are sharing 5 common mistakes that various vertical farms have made in the hopes of redirecting our readers toward a more profitable future.

So, why are these vertical farming businesses facing so many challenges?

#1: Not collaborating with other industry professionals

Due to the competitive nature of the vertical farming industry, most experts tend to keep their methods and data close to their chest. This results in a lack of knowledge-sharing and collaboration which comes at a disservice to both entrepreneurs and the overall industry. Collaboration could make an immense impact on the development of new techniques, technologies, and solutions for common problems.

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