4 types of business analytics you need to know

4 types of business analytics you need to know

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of data you’re collecting within your greenhouse. Making sense of and use of it can be tricky and require the right systems support and software partner. Ultimately growers must convert those mountains of data into metrics and comparisons that have meaning and can help with decision making.

Understanding what types of analytics there are can help tailor your individual analytics and data architecture to get the results you desire from your data program.

In a recent post on AdvancedGrowerSolutions.com, we break down four categories of analytics derived from Gartner’s analytics maturity model.

Descriptive Analytics

Descriptive analytics describes what happened. They are historical in nature, looking back at your raw data, gathering, aggregating, and displaying key metrics about what your operation has done. These are also referred to as hindsight.

Diagnostic Analytics

Diagnostic analytics help answer the question of “Why did something happen.” Diagnostic analytics is typically a layer deeper than descriptive analytics and, based on the situation, have some cause-and-effect impact on the descriptive analytics you are investigating.

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