Smart Power: Sollum’s greenhouse LED lighting

14-09-2021    13:09   |    Sollum Technologies

There’s programmable, and then there’s fully programmable! Other LED fixtures provide a limited number of predefined lighting states based on fixed spectra. Once the fixtures are delivered to customers, growers cannot change the spectra and their ability to modify their lighting is limited by their fixtures’ preprogramed settings. HPS lighting is operated on a switch on/switch off basis.

We’ve changed the paradigm. 

First, the fixtures are installed. Then, greenhouse producers establish a basic light recipe before the start of production based on the produce, the stage of growth, and the location of the greenhouse with the support of Sollum’s team. Sollum also enables multi-zone light management that allows growers to implement several different recipes at the same time. Our SUN as a Service® cloud platform automatically adapts the lighting to match the recipe based on ambient light. In addition, producers can elect to modify their recipe or temporarily adjust luminosity to improve crop quality and productivity based on growth-related observations. 

Not only does our technology allow growers to calibrate light intensity, it also enables them to add, remove, modulate, and manage the ratios of colour wavelengths such as far-red, blue, or green in real time – in just a few seconds. Think of light intensity modulation in the same way you would using a dimmer on your PC. That gives the grower the ability to define what is best for each crop at each phase of growth. And in making lighting 100% programmable, Sollum can recreate the full spectrum of the Sun’s natural light and its cycles with 99% accuracy. 

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What’s in it for growers? 

Such unique programmability is made possible by Sollum’s AI-powered LED grow light, which implements any recipe. One fixture does it all and growers benefit from all software updates. The best part? Our solution is future-proof: it tailors itself to producers’ growing methods and objectives, not the other way around. Using the same lighting system, growers can rotate crops as they see fit and produce year-round to meet ever-increasing demand for local produce, even in places with low levels of natural light during the winter. And yes, generate revenue all year long!

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