Royal Brinkman interview at Growtech venue

01-12-2021    15:41   |    HortiBiz

This is the first one of Growtech 2021 interview series. I’d like to thank Mr. Tansel Bukulen for joining me, he is Branch Manager of Royal Brinkman Turkey.

I’ve visited Royal Brinkman booth at Growtech fair in Antalya, Turkey last week. I was with Mr. Tansel Bukulen. He answered my questions for the readers of Hortibiz Daily at Growtech venue.

Ece Polat: What’s Royal Brinkman’s working field?

Tansel Bukulen: Royal Brinkman is located in Holland and we have branches in many countries like Turkey, Mexico, Australia, Russia, Spain, Poland, Hungary. We are working in horticulture industry. We have almost all equipment and products for greenhouses. This is our main business.


EP: What are you displaying at Growtech 2021?

TB: We’re located in Turkey. We have two companies actually. One of the companies is Agrobio which is producing bumblebees also insects. What we display here is mostly biocontrol products and also bumblebees. We have all materials that can be used in indoor cultivation from subtracts to mechanical parts from clips to scissors.


EP: What kind of innovations do you offer to your customers?

TB: Bumblebees and insects are one of the most important products for sure. Also we have a harvest machine that helps the growers to plan the harvest in greenhouses. You put the robot in a modern greenhouse. It plans its own route automatically to scan the entire greenhouse, it takes pictures of the crops to check if they’re ready to harvest. Then it sends the information to the computer so the operators receive it and plan the harvest. This is Royal Brinkman’s new innovational product.


EP: In which wat is Royal Brinkman an international company?

TB: The center of Royal Brinkman is in Holland. We have more than 13 branches in other countries, plus we export more 100 countries from Holland. We have customers from almost all over the world. We serve them technical support, supply products and more.


EP: What are your expectations from Growtech?

TB: We’ve been exhibiting at Growtech for 20 years. Turkey market is very important for us. Growtech is working as a bridge for Europe to connect Turkey, neighbor countries around Turkey, other Turkic Republics and the Middle East until China. As everyone knows the Silk Road has played an important role for many years in the history and Turkey is in the center of its route. At Growtech, you can meet with professionals from many countries not only Turkey. This is why we’re here.


EP: When you consider the next 5 years, what do you expect in the horticultural industry?

TB: Energy prices is a big problem. The price of logistical services, raw material problems as well. In this moment, we can’t have any guess about future because there are many problems going on in the world. For example, 2 years ago, we could transport one container for 1 x eur from China or Sri Lanka or India. Now you have to pay 15-20 times more.


EP: Are you satisfied with your attendance to Growtech as Royal Brinkman?

TB: Yes, of course! We had a chance to meet our customers from abroad. We are also meeting with new customers. This is a great place for networking!


EP: Do you have a message for the readers of Hortibiz Daily News?

TB: Royal Brinkman is always ready to serve them in Holland and other countries.
Meanwhile, we have to share the knowledge with each other then we can go further together.



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