Robotics, AI and advanced agri are changing food production

22-06-2022    11:21   |    Agritech Future

From commonsense sustainable practices to idiocentric genome-specific personalisations, to robotic kitchens, to cellular agriculture, food systems in the future will make you jump out of your skin.

Nothing emerges out of thin air. Unless it’s meat. Air Protein™ is revolutionising the way meat is consumed by whisking elements of air with lab cultures to produce protein-rich flour, which is also 100 per cent carbon-negative, in addition to being hormones-GMOs and pesticides-free. Once the flour is processed, it can be turned into any kind of ‘meat’ (or eggs and seafood) complete with the colour, texture and taste of the actual product, within a few hours. That’s the future of food for you. Scalable, sustainable, commonsensical and affordable. 

Experts predict food systems to look very different from what they look like right now. “It is an industry that will be expected to feed 9.7 billion people by 2050 so the future of food has to centre around planet-forward processes, community-supported initiatives and solutions to manage the global food crisis,” says Pawan Bisht, Corporate Chef, One8 Commune, New Delhi. Some of the things that will matter the most are: 

The transformative power of technology 

Agtech will bring about a big change in matters of food production. According to a report by Bain & Company, the market is predicted to grow to $30-35 billion by 2025. “We are using everything from data analytics, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and other systems to streamline processes for a sizeable yield, while lowering greenhouse gas emissions. Another upcoming feature is the use of specialised RNAi-based technologies in place of chemical pesticides to save the soil. These biopesticides or pesticides derived from natural materials are easily broken down by microbes in the soil, thus, avoiding bioaccumulation,” says Ludhiana-based Agtech entrepreneur Gurjeet Singh Dillon.

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