LettUs Grow partner with WUR to develop aeroponics

LettUs Grow partner with WUR to develop aeroponics

Wageningen University and Research (NL) and aeroponic technology specialists LettUs Grow (UK) are collaborating to compare ultrasonic aeroponic and hydroponic irrigation systems in side by side trails. The trials aim to boost the understanding of aeroponics in the available academic literature to encourage innovative agricultural practices in the future.

The Netherlands’ embrace of the Quadruple Helix Model of innovation (investing in and connecting science, policy, industry, and society) has enabled it to become a global leader in sustainable agriculture - Wageningen is an exemplar of this. Now, despite its small size, the country is a key agricultural player and second largest exporter of agricultural goods.

Hydroponics is a method of soil-less growing, where plant roots are supplied with a nutrient solution in intervals or constantly growing in nutrient solution, whereas in aeroponics plant roots are irrigated with a fine mist of water and nutrients. Ultrasonic aeroponics uses high-frequency sound waves that shake water and nutrients, until they disperse into lots of tiny droplets, like a mist.

The ultrasonic aeroponic system, which has been supplied by LettUs Grow, will be trailed alongside two other hydroponic systems, ebb and flow and deep water culture, in a greenhouse environment. The research will be conducted at Wageningen’s campus greenhouse facilities over a five month period.

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