Greenhouse research could boost Alberta's crop output

Greenhouse research could boost Alberta's crop output

Lethbridge College is about to wrap up the final phase of its 16-month greenhouse research. The results will provide data-based findings for producers to apply in their commercial operations. This week, Lethbridge College held its first public tour of the Sunterra greenhouse facility in Brooks, Alta.

Senior research scientist Nick Savidov says this work will advance technology to boost Alberta's crop output of tomatoes and strawberries during times of limited supply and low import quality.

"Which can help the industry to produce food more efficiently and with less expense and high quality. We are using scientific methodology in order to understand the effects of factors we study such as crop density or type of greenhouse, or varieties."

He says testing competitive technology will answer investment questions for producers, making their operations more profitable and economically sustainable. 

"Lights are expensive, we are trying to compare different lights such as HPS (High pressure sodium) with LED lights. We want to see if the price of those lights are justified by producing high yields," he said. 

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Photo created by  Jordan Christian - Unsplash



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