Cannabis light intensity

Cannabis light intensity

Do you ever get so focused in your own world that you kind of forget, not everybody knows what you know? This happens to me all the time with Fluence’s cannabis research. We addressed some of the most fundamental cannabis lighting questions like spectrum and intensity back in 2020, and I take it for granted that everybody must know about these results. This isn’t out of hubris or arrogance, it’s more that we’re moving quick, so when we finish a study, we’ll sometimes publicize the results once, figure everybody that was interested heard us, and then move on to the next thing!

I mention all this because there are cannabis growers out there that perceive there to be little, if any, clear research on optimal light intensities for cannabis flower production. This makes me feel like I’ve failed the industry a little bit; we (Fluence Research) thoroughly investigated light spectrum and intensity response (spoiler: they’re not mutually exclusive!!) back in 2020 and figured out at what PPFD you start to see diminishing returns, at what PPFD plant response plateaus, and what we think needs to be done in cultivation to potentially push the plants even harder… even if it’s wildly impractical to do so.

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