Metro seeks emissions rules for Delta cannabis

Metro seeks emissions rules for Delta cannabis

The regional district has been talking about coming up with regulations for years

Metro Vancouver wants controls over emissions from cannabis growers and processors in Delta and throughout the region, but getting there has been a challenge.

In a recent update to Delta council, the regional district outlined what will be its next step following the board of directors’ discussion on a staff report this summer which claims “volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions from cannabis production are air contaminants that can contribute to the formation of harmful ground-level ozone.”

Metro says the VOCs are also odorous, while hotter, drier summers, due to climate change, are expected to increase concentrations of ground-level ozone in urban areas.

In May 2019 and July 2021, the board directed staff to undertake two phases of engagement on proposed approaches for managing emissions from cannabis production and processing.

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