CHAP helps to make innovative agri-tech ideas a reality

CHAP helps to make innovative agri-tech ideas a reality

We live in a fast-paced and changing world where the ever-increasing demands on our food production systems and environment have never been greater. Society faces the dichotomy of needing safe, wholesome, and affordable food whilst at the same time having to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, protect and increase biodiversity, and regenerate agricultural cropping systems.

Whether you are an innovator, agri-tech SME or company, entrepreneur, university, institute or academic, transforming your new idea or innovation into a tangible reality can often be challenging. There can be regulatory barriers, negativity because your idea does not fit with the perceived wisdom or quite simply, you lack the time or the funds.

Overcoming the barriers to agritech innovation

Acknowledging these challenges, Crop Health and Protection (CHAP) was established in 2016 following the then UK Government’s industrial strategy. A not-for-profit organisation, CHAP has developed and evolved to meet the changing needs of the agriculture sector. As a result of historic capital investment, CHAP now boasts 15 facilities in 10 centres of excellence across the UK with ongoing expansion efforts.

It has never been so important or the need so urgent to explore game-changing ideas and approaches to the ways in which we produce food, manage land and protect environments. Innovation requires that conventional wisdoms are challenged, novel technologies and digital tools are effectively deployed, and intelligent solutions to the most challenging aspects of agritech are developed.

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Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay




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