Cannabis industry biosecurity: Take a SMART approach

Cannabis industry biosecurity: Take a SMART approach

Explore the evolving cannabis industry’s biosecurity challenges and how rescheduling cannabis could mandate a better solution.

The rapid growth of the cannabis industry has brought about new challenges, particularly in the realm of cannabis industry biosecurity. 

The once illicit industry has grown dramatically in recent years in response to expanding legalization and a flood of capital from venture capital firms and other investors. As the industry grows, it is forced to adapt to a fast-changing and complex landscape. The rapidly growing market for cannabis products presents immense opportunity and significant operational challenges to businesses across the spectrum. 

Many years ago, the healthcare industry was experiencing major issues with Healthcare Acquired Infections (HCAI). HCAIs were a significant source of morbidity and mortality and were the second most prevalent cause of death. Hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities struggled to control this due to limited regulations surrounding cleaning and disinfection protocols and their resistance to changes in their processes. 

It wasn’t until regulations were updated and the healthcare industry was forced to adopt more stringent policies and procedures that there was a significant drop in infection levels.

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